Educating and cultivating the whole child for preparation in a changing, post-modern, and globalized world

Why GGEC Academy?

As we are still in a Pandemic of Covid19 worldwide, it is clear to us that many school districts' plans to return to brick and mortar schools safely have not been finalized or they shift and change weekly.

What we do know is that the school year must begin, scholars must continue to be educated and cultivated, and school choice is always an option. This is why GGEC Academy was created, a virtual homeschool with wrap-around programs and Parent University.

Virtual homeschool works for so many different families and scholars. Many have realized this is the best fit for their family and they turn to GGEC Academy to invest in a quality education.

GGEC Academy is self-paced, guided, online instruction with a homeschool feel and function. We want our scholars to continue to love school and learning, take ownership of their learning, and be fully engaged.

We teach the WHOLE child, and our village wrap-around services were essential in developing our Academy.

What makes us different?

Arts Program

Dance, Visual Arts, Music, Photography, Design, and more. We believe an understanding and appreciation of a variety of art forms will allow our scholars to find their outlet and niche. Virtual classes will be offered monthly.


We address the social-emotional and behavioral learning needs of our scholars. Connections with our scholars and parents are important to academic and wholistic growth. Scholars will have opportunities to connect, discuss, practice teamwork, and more.

Parent University

As a village, we'll come together to learn and grow. Parenting is an ongoing process, and you're your child's first educator. We want to know what you need from us and how can we help. Classes for parents will be offered based on your feedback. 


What we offer

  • Rigorous curriculum across core and elective subjects built to state and national standards
  • State-certified teachers who are highly qualified, trained, and experienced in online teaching
  • Live 1:1 online tutoring available on-demand 24/7 through partnership with FEV Tutor
  • Student Success Coaches available to provide an extra layer of student support
  • Student Success Coaches available to provide an extra layer of student support

Learning options

Virtual instruction. Real connections.

  • Rigorous curriculum across core and elective subjects built to state and national standards
  • Highly qualified and trained state-certified teachers who are experienced in online teaching
  • Regular communication with students, parents, and school administrator
  • Utilization of video conferencing, phone, email, and text message
  • Synchronous live lessons
  • Live 1:1 online tutoring available on-demand 24/7
  • Student Success Coaches available for an extra layer of student support
  • Guaranteed 24-hour response time
  • IEP support and special instruction from qualified teachers
  • Curated print and digital curriculum for young learners
  • Collaborative, project-based approach
  • Designed for parent/guardian involvement

Our Stats


Educators with education-related bachelor's or advanced degree


Educators with more than 3 years experience


Students who say teachers care about their success


Years of combined experience

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